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Emotional - relationship problems, soul connections

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“When an inner situation in not made conscious,

it appears outside of you as fate”. Carl Jung

Relationships are important to our well-being as by nature we are social creatures. Whether it is a relationship with a family member, colleague, friend or lover, everyone will experience relationship problems at some point during their life.

There are many reasons why relationships may not be working as well as they should be. Often a lack of communication or not being able to express our true feelings is part of the problem.

In relation to partners, the person that you have in your life is a reflection of your own inner state and in order to explore the problems, you need to look into yourself first to find the hidden parts that get hurt, jealous, incompetent, or angry. There might also be some unhelpful beliefs that you have been carrying that are stopping you from finding the happiness you want in a relationship. Realignment Therapy can help you identify and deal with the issues that are adversely affecting your relationship and your approach to it.

Realignment Therapy is a useful treatment if you are:

  • Having difficulties finding or maintaining a relationship.
  • Struggling to leave a relationship that has past its sell by date.
  • Repeating the same mistakes in your relationships that you have made before.
  • Continuing to be attracted to the same type of relationships that were unsatisfying in the past.
  • Feeling unworthy of a healthy loving relationship.
  • Having a hard time communicating and expressing yourself in your relationship.

Realignment Therapy can help to build your confidence, your self esteem and to value yourself, so you can see and feel the kind of loving and supportive relationship that you deserve to have in your life.

It can also help you to sort out interpersonal conflicts. With my guidance, in an altered state of mind, you can gain profound insights for you to view your relationships with ‘new eyes’.

I work with couples dealing with problems in their relationship. I see both partners together and separately. However, information stated in a one to one session remains entirely confidential, unless the client subsequently chooses to share it themselves with their partner.

I also work with those who have lost a loved one and guide them to feel the valuable lessons and connection they had with that person in their life. This traumatic experience needs to be handled with subtlety and support, as it is a turning point for most of us.



It is not what people say and the way they say it, it is your reaction to it and how you handle the situation that matters most.

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