House Clearing

“Give a man a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

House Clearing is a system of clearing negative energies in your living environment that may be having a detrimental effect on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and your relationships with those you share the space with.

We are energy and every space holds energy. The environment that we choose to live in is an expansion of our inner self as we often feel drawn to a specific place for no apparent reason. Even though we can’t see the energy, we can feel it. How many times have we walked into a place or a room and felt that something wasn’t right as it might have been too dense or heavy or even the “vibe” was negative?

When we say every space holds energy, we mean that it holds the memories of people’s emotions, events and activities like an imprint. It is vital to our health to cleanse that imprint as it might attract energies that are not as positive as we would like.

Since my spiritual awakening, a veil has been lifted which is helping me to see, feel and communicate with the unseen world. It is something normal and part of my daily life. Clearing spaces actually for me is giving guidance and healing to all the individuals involved. These may not just be the people inhabiting the space, I mean also spirits and energies as well, as on many occasions they are lost or misplaced and inhabit our space.

The reasons that a space might have negativity:

  • Our inner world is expanded in the outer environment – depression, illness, arguments are felt in our ‘space’. .
  • We have undergone a traumatic experience like a divorce, bereavement, chronic pain, robbery etc.
  • The energy of the previous occupants is still connected with the space.
  • The environment holds still dense energy from past events like: war – battle sites, violence, ceremonies or rituals.
  • The lay lines of the earth are blocked and need to be rebalanced to have a healthier flow.

Even though tuning in to the energy of each place can be done remotely, I prefer to teach people how to become aware of their energy and how to keep their space safe and protected without the need for  external tools like sage, crystals, sprays etc.

Energy follows thought and I am here to guide people to understand their connection with the space they are in! I can do this  either by distance when I work with the person involved over skype or phone, or by going to the premises that I am invited to. The latter option is preferable, as when I am there, I can identify details that won’t be seen easily via remote working, like objects of sentimental value that need to be addressed for the person’s balance within their space.

Space Clearing is useful:

  • When we feel stuck in our life and need to realign our energy and gain clarity.
  • If we feel afraid or uncomfortable in any room.
  • To help sell a house – potential buyers will pick up a positive energy in your home
  • To connect with a new house or newly built house.
  • When we want to bring balance within the family or our relationship.
  • To bring clear energy into a therapist’s treatment room (or into schools, educational spaces, etc)

From the moment the person becomes aware of the issues that cause this stagnation and  negativity in the house, the entire house can be cleared instantly with simple techniques. New energy is in and a fresh start is available!

I have cleared houses, offices, churches, museums and hotels over many years and there has usually been a significant change afterwards. I have seen that when you empower people, the results are even more efficient and long lasting. I can do that for you by showing you how to do it as well after I  have properly cleared the place, so you can continue to do the process yourself.

Part of the space clearing process is to work with you to let go of issues that may be holding you back but also affecting the space you live in.

Sometimes the results may vary according to the life choices you make. This is why I like to work with the person that is connected with the space as the choices they make may aftect the outcome of the clearing process.

It is time to create a peaceful environment!

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