Realignment Therapy Workshop

One day workshop – How to bring your power back

From 10.00 – 17.00

Some people prefer more gradual training and understanding through attending several shorter sessions. Others feel ready to gain more knowledge at once and this is why this workshop has been created – for those who are ready to embark on a new journey straight away, with a curiosity and willingness to bring about change.

In this one-day workshop you will understand what Realignment Therapy is and how it is beneficial to your well being and health.

By the end of the day you will know exactly what the best way forward is for you as you will be feeling empowered, which is the key to achieving anything! This day will give you the tools for you to Realign yourself and practice in any situation you are in.

In this Workshop you will:

  • Understand our Energy System
  • Understanding why we are blocked and how we can restore our system
  • Understanding what the subconscious and the conscious mind is
  • Understand how everything is interconnected with our physical body
    • How our memories interfere with our current health
  • Know all about proper energy management:
    • Grounding, Clearing and Protection
  • Be attuned in order for your system to be Realigned.
  • Know how to bring your energy back in the Present, from the Past or the Future and understand what a Karmic List is

Any questions you may have, I am happy to answer via e-mail or over the phone.