What happens in a Realignment session?

Realignment Therapy FAQs

“In order to change our environment, we need to change from within as our inner world is an expansion in the outer world.”

M. M.

Before the initial session, I will ask you to complete a confidential questionnaire and return this to me on the day of our appointment.

The initial Realignment Therapy session lasts 1.5 hours, when a full consultation is undertaken. We talk in detail about the questionnaire and your issues and goals for the therapy. This is when the best way forward will be identified every person is different and the Realignment Therapy is adjusted to their current needs. Any questions or concerns you have about the therapy can be raised before you relax into the treatment.

The Realignment Therapy is a journey that needs commitment but step by step, you can reach your goals.

The first part of the Realignment therapy is to be trained in how to ground and raise your vibration through the physical body. This is an important tool for everyone to have as this is how   the individual can hold the space for themselves in between the sessions.

Through an attunement with the crystal core of the earth, the realignment of your Soul Star and Earth Star and the realignment of your Higher Selves through your physical body, you bring so much light and presence into your system that you can let go easily of anything external that does not belong to you.

Proper energy management involves:

  • Realigning your system and raising your vibration
  • Grounding through the crystal core of the earth
  • Bringing your energy back from people, situations and places
  • Releasing other people’s energies connected with us (chords)
  • Releasing attachments
  • Having a strong protection through our Golden Self

The second part is to work on the Karmic Lists, which are the lessons we have to learn in this life that have to do with the challenges and the issues  or blockages we are facing. By using Regression, I will guide you to identify those lessons and to bring your energy back in the present moment, so that you can heal yourself from the past.

In each session you will lie comfortably on a couch and will gradually reach a deep state of relaxation by listening to the guidance of my voice. It is a gradual process and everyone is able to reach this state of deep relaxation, if they allow themselves. With your permission I place my hands on your body in order to work on your physical body through the fascia and on your energy field.

After the session is complete, you will be given guidance and tasks to do at home so you can continue working on some of the issues you are seeking to resolve. This will enable you to progress as quickly as possible towards your treatment goals and practice will help speed up this process for you in between the sessions.

All subsequent sessions will last from 1 hour up to 2 hours and payment must be made in advance of each treatment, after receiving an invoice from me.

After treatment

There are no side effects to the treatment and virtually all those who have received it report it as being a pleasant, relaxing experience.

You may begin to experience some of the benefits of the treatment. Your body may begin to expel toxins. A runny nose or having a little cold is one of the symptoms. Emotions need to emerge in order to be able to leave. Just observe them and make an intention for them to be released gradually. Anger may come on the surface, even sadness and physically you might feel tired. However it is just part of the process as it is a great opportunity to get rid of what you no longer need.

Many people may experience an increased sensitivity to their own energy and that of others. They may also notice changes such as growing self-confidence and trust in life; the resurfacing of unresolved problems to be solved now in the light of the new energy available; a greater sense of responsibility and focus on what you want in life.

In order to have a healthy body we have to heal our mind and spirit.

Otherwise, illness may return even stronger.