Spiritual Awakening – Spiritual Emergency – Life Purpose

Spiritual Awakening - Life Purpose

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” Cynthia Occelli

The Earth itself is going through a shift, which is the earth’s own spiritual awakening. This means that the environment that we were in is starting to change and we are all part of this! After the storm a beautiful rainbow always appears in the sky and we are about to see it.

‘Spiritual Awakening’ can be a very smooth and gradual process. It may come as an experience when we come face to face with our ‘issues’ or shadows and learn to manage different aspects of our Self.  However it can sometimes be instant, giving rise to a ‘Spiritual Emergency’, which, without proper care, may be very detrimental to our mental health. For these reasons, some people need to be guided gently through this uniquely individual awakening process.

Once our soul awakens, the search begins and we can never go back.

The characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening can vary but may include:

  • All people subconsciously on a soul level have chosen the time of their awakening (gradual or intense) and feel drawn to go through those experiences when their soul is ready to grow:
    • Spiritual practices
    • Loss of a loved one, bereavement
    • Intense life events like abuse
    • Travel
    • First love
    • Drugs
  • We experience intense emotions like sadness or fear and a sensation of being lost.
  • We seek our freedom and inner peace, by challenging our reality, belief systems, thought patterns and what is perceived as the ‘norm’.
  • We spend more time with our self and have inner conversations while we are drawn to spend time in tranquil places like in nature.
  • We want to change our life by having more quality in our work, in the people around us and through our nutrition – to nurture our body and life with love and respect.
  • We are drawn to gain knowledge for our personal development.
  • We experience synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) and the sensation of oneness.

It is important for us to become aware of our Awakening as the understanding will bring instant realisations of what we need to let go of in order to become our true self and to find our life purpose. Going through my Spiritual Emergency, I found out that we have more powers than we can ever imagine, since all my senses were fully awakened. This made me the person I am today and I can enjoy my life with joy, positivity and laughter. Guiding people through their awakening I have found similar characteristics and events.

The characteristics of Spiritual Emergency:

In the Western world, non-ordinary states of consciousness are seen and treated mainly as psychosis, when they are really crises of transformation. On some occasions, clients take medication prescribed by their psychiatrist.

  • Our rational mind cannot cope with the new reality and we experience a break down, which is perceived as psychosis.
  • We cannot cope at an everyday level as our inner world has taken over and complicates the outer world.
  • The intensity of the experience and those powerful emotions can consume our whole being.
  • We may have physical pains and sensations and find it impossible to sleep.
  • There is a sensation of inner death as everything is changing, which is our ‘ego – death’.
  • We might have an ‘ego – inflation’ and think that we might be the reincarnation of Jesus or Mary (or another Ascended Teacher).
  • We understand the meaning of symbolisms, for example good and evil etc.
  • Synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) is frequent as we are in the state where we attract what we need quicker than usual.
  • We might begin to see in our mind memories of past lives and begin to become aware of spirits and energies.
  • We experience strong energies flowing in our body as our own life force is awakened (like Kundalini) or incoming spiritual energies that are raising our vibration.

I work with people who take medication and our goal is to reduce them carefully and gradually as their physical body and mind reclaim their balance within their psyche.

How a spiritual emergency will be treated depends on the individual, its intensity and its duration. However more frequent therapy sessions during this period are strongly suggested.

“The degree, to which your Consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the Universe.” Gina Charles

Realignment Therapy specialises in accompanying the individual through their Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Emergency journey. Being in a safe environment where you can be guided to feel what is real and what isn’t, to nurture your physical body and to be encouraged to do simple grounding practices is what someone would need to get through that state. With guidance, you will find that in every single obstacle there is a great opportunity to grow and to empower yourself.